About Me

My name is John and I am an IT Specialist by trade with a CompTIA A+ Certificate. I have 7+ years hands on experience with Computer Software & Hardware since 1998. I started working on computers because they were interesting and it became a passion to helping others and teaching them how to use them. I also was an Internet (Dialup, DSL, Email, etc) Support Technician as well. During the time working for an ISP (Internet Service Provider) I was able to take some classes on building a website. As you can see my learning about websites paid off and this is a website I created from scratch and am still working on it little by little by adding new features, menu items and hope to get any suggestions. I enjoy working with computers both hardware and software and right now being part time employeed, I try to help anyone who is in need who can't afford those services that businesses charge for. I am reasonable with pricing and try my hardest to help people get an understanding and help them learn how much freeware there is they can use to help them save money. If you want a copy of my resume as a business please click on the Contact and email me a request. I dropped out of high school in 1998 and got my GED / took the GED test back in late 2000/early 2001 and have my GED.

I was working for a computer company Image Computer Solutions for 2 years but was laid off due to economy hardships. As of near the end of July 2013 I have started working for The Dock in Coshocton, OH. I created a website for them but it seems they didn't pay it or canceled it. If you would like to view web design work I have done myself please check out my web work page: http://js.from-oh.com/webwork

I have also started another job early September 2013 at CP&E Marketing but as of April 1 2015 CP&E Marketing/Archival Pockets has closed their business due to the death of the owner.

I now am working for Bellstores in Coshocton as of September 2019. I put in my resignation to The Dock and gave them 2 weeks notice. Bellstores has been great to work with and for so far and I enjoy the staff they have. The rewards programs is also something worth signing up for. If you are interested in seeing my resume just contact me.


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7 to 10 year hands on experienced IT Specialist