Highly Recommended Freeware:
AntiVirus - AVAST Freeware antivirus that has a boot scan option to clean infections. # 1 rated in my book.
Malware - MalwareBytes Freeware Malware scanner needs manual updates but great freeware to use if you feel you have malware.
Spyware - SuperAnti Spyware Super Anti Spyware removal scanner needs manual updates but great freeware if you feel you have spyware.
Spyware - Spyware Blaster Great tool to have to manually update unless you pay for it and block/stop spyware.
Office Suite - Open Office Free Office Suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office Files.
PDF - FoxIT PDF Viewer/Reader Freeware PDF Viewer that is so much smaller than Adobe and runs much faster and smoother.
PDF - Bullzip PDF Printer Need a PDF of a Website or receipt and you don't have a printer or it's out of ink? Here is your solution. Install this hit CTRL + P or printer option on your browser and save it as a PDF for your records.
ZIP - AlZip 6.7 or AlZip 8 Zipping and UnZipping Freeware. ALZip 8.0 Free Serial Number: EVZC-GBBD-Q3V3-DAD3
Burning - Ashampoo Burning Studio (CD/DVD/BluRay) Freeware Burning software that works with CD's, DVD's and Even BlueRay Discs (Only if your Hardware is compatible of course).
Defrag - Auslogic Disk Defrag Freeware Defragging software that you can schedule to defrag once a month or as often as you like.
Conversion - Freemake Video Converter Free video to DVD/DVD-DL conversion software. Also a video editing freeware too.
Product Key Retriever - 32 bit or 64 bit Product Key scratched off or forget it and want to reinstall? Here is your solution as long as the Key is a Retail and not pre-activated key.
CPU/HDD/Video - Speedfan Monitoring system that monitor's CPU, HDD & Video Temps as well as Fan's on your system. Note: Not all features work on all systems.
Web Browser - Google Chrome Need a fast browser? Use Google Chrome for fast browsing on DSL/Cable/Dialup internet.
Web Browser - Mozilla Firefox Need a better browser than IE? Then use Firefox. Click on the latest version NON BETA if this version you go to isn't the latest. I try to update the link to go to the latest version.
Remote - Team Viewer Need help but don't want to pay $100's or more for Tech help? This is the Freeware to use for remote access to your computer to trouble shoot software issues (maybe some hardware as long as the system turns on).
PnP - UPnP (UnPlug N Pray) This little tool was made for disabling a security feature that Windows has on it. Works for Windows XP/Vista/7 and probably 8 as it may also have that feature.
Video Player - VLC 64Bit or VLC 32Bit Free Video/Audio player but don't want to download codecs for it? This is your solution.
Start Menu - Windows Classic Start Menu Want the Original Start Menu or to add a start menu to Windows 8? Here is your Freeware solution.
Temp/Recycle Bin/History - CCleaner CCleaner cleans up your Temp files, recycle bin, browser history and more. Set it to run at start up & every time you reboot/turn on the system and it will save you time and space.
Utility - Glary Utilities Freeware that has tons of utilities to remove/stop start up items, clean up files not needed and so much more.
Uninstaller - Revo Uninstaller Freeware that removes software along with the registry and other files/folders that are sometimes left behind by the Windows Uninstall/Add-Remove option.
Update Checker - File Hippo Update Checker Great tool to use for freeware Filehippo has on the website and other software you install that filehippo has and can update or check for updates on.
AddOn - Flash Player 32/64 Bit Flash Player Addon for IE and NonIE based Browsers
JAVA - JRE 32 Bit or JRE 64 Bit Java Runtime Environment is required for some websites as Java is one thing that is used in some web sites.
Shockwave - Adobe shockwave Required for some websites.
AddOn - My WOT My WOT (Web Of Trust) is a great add on tool that tells you websites on how trust worthy they really are by ratings and everything. Green - Good, Yellow - Caution and Red - untrustworthy for security reasons.
AddOn - DNT+ DNT+ (Do Not Track Plus) is a great option that shows you what wesbite/server is trying to track you and stops them from doing so.
AddOn - Ghostery Helps the same way DNT+ does by blocking those who are trying to track you as well.

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