Recommended Freeware (Such as Firewall, AntiVirus, Office Suite and much more):
AntiVirus & Firewall This is recommended AntiVirus & Firewall Freeware Software That I use myself, have tested or at least recommend because it's free.
Online Backup Online Backup - Free online backup sites from 2GB up to 25GB along with Backup Site Plans as well.
Chat - Web Cam These are Chat Freewares such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Trillian.
Email Email Software if you want to download your email instead of view it on a website.
Malware & Spyware This is a list of Malware & Spyware Freeware I recommend.
Misc Freeware This is a list of other Misc Freeware I recommend.
Office Suite These are Office Suite Softwares and 1 being compatible 100% with Microsoft but all are recommended as they all are Free.
OS This is a list of some of the Freeware based OS (Operating Systems) such as Kubutu and PCLinux for low end or high end systems.
PDF Freeware PDF Readers.
Portable - Flash Drive Freeware Portable Games, AntiVirus, etc.
Service Packs for Microsoft Windows This has Vista SP1 & SP2, 7 SP1 for both 64 & 32 Bit.
Tools This is a list of Freeware Tools I recommend that is better than what is PreInstalled on your computer.
Utilities This is a list of utilities that I recommend using on your computer.
Web Browsers Freeware Web Browsers List.
Web Browser Tools/Add On's This is some tools/add on's for web browsers.
Web Links This is a list of Freeware websites that has tons of freeware that you might be able to use.

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