Recommended Websites: This company is located in Zanesville, OH and is an ISP for Dialup and DSL. I also designed the website. This is a Local Computer Store in Zanesville, OH that Sells New & Used Computers. They do Service calls and so much more. Ohio Job Search Site. This website has quite a few Freeware, Demo and Trial Software. It also has a Updater to tell you when you need to update installed Software on your Computer they have on the website. Torrent Freeware to download files that are downloadable via Torrent. Phone service that can be used through DSL/Broad Band Internet and WiFi Hot Spots. You will need a Land Line Phone Corded or Cordless in order to use the service. Online Weather Free service. Enter your Zip code and get a 7 day forcast for your loca area. SourceForge is a Freeware and Open Source website to download freeware and open source software. Reach Out Mobile - A Free Gov based phone that you can get 125 or 250 Free Minutes per month. area.
Note: This is only free if you have one or more of the following: Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, Medicaid, SSI, HEAP, SSDI and a few others that are listed on the website. Also only the 75 and 125 Minutes have roll over where the minutes are saved each month and roll over to the next month. The 250 doesn't have a roll over option.
Top 11 Free Email Programs This tells you about 11 of the top Email Programs that you can download and install free.

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